HEART Chest Plate Pendant No. I

HEART Chest Plate Pendant No. I


/ HAND-MADE TO ORDER / Please allow up to three weeks for delivery

Completely handmade, these porcelain pendants are all individual. Hand cut by the maker with designs and sizes varying on each piece. The leather cord has been hand cut by the maker and all pieces are unique in their own way. Each piece has been coated with Liquid Quartz a non toxic water based permeating sealer, made from crystal quartz which is waterproof and highly stain resistant. They work well layered with our Tassel Necklaces. 


Black and White and Natural leather


Australian Southern Ice Porcelain

Natural leather


(sizes may vary slightly due to handmade nature of jewellery)

Cord length approx. 40cm 

Pendant approx. 11 x 5 cm

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